Looking for a Spa Career? A Moment’s Peace is the best Salon and Day Spa in our area for several reasons, primarily because we attract and retain great people.  We are truly unique because of our style, staff, size, and capabilities within a fast growing area.  We pride ourselves on our skilled hair stylists, the best skin and full body care and a full range of massage and nail services – all available in the beautiful Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN. Please continue on if you’re interested in learning more about our purpose and what we look for in hiring professionals.


While most mission statements are typically wordy and full of lots of business jargon, at A Moment’s Peace, we keep it simple.




Our Purpose – Beauty and Peace for everyone, and to truly live and deliver on our name, A Moment’s Peace. 

This is why we are who we are.  This is the first and primary reason for everything we do. All of our actions are focused on delivering this, improving it and making AMP an even better place to be.

The following summary of Our Purpose as Professionals is incorporated into everything we do.  You will see it everywhere at A Moment’s Peace and you are challenged to make sure you, everyone around you and everything done around you delivers on these foundations:

– Live and deliver on our Name, A Moment’s Peace.
– Treat the people around you, especially your peers, like your most important client.
– Set the example.
– Help everyone personally and generate happiness within their lives.
– Have fun!

At A Moment’s Peace we strive to fulfill every expectation of our clients. The staff will play the role of what it takes to deliver beauty and peace for every individual. We strive to provide a haven for our employees, guiding and empowering them to be the best they can be, and view them and our guests as an extension of the AMP family. If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our family click below to find the position that best suits your talents and experience at AMP. Get the best out of your spa career!

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