Cooler weather is heading our way and that means we get to break out the fall wardrobe – or add new pieces! Either way, the joy of a new seasonal wardrobe can do wonders for the mood. In the same vein, embracing a new hair look can boost your mood and refresh your look. Here are our five favorite fall hair trends for 2020! (And, yes, some of them may even be inspired by this year’s events.)

#1 Bobs

While bobs aren’t often far removed from the forefronts of trends, they’re especially popular during the cooler fall months. The look of higher necklines like turtlenecks with the awesome length of a bob is timeless.

#2 Curtain Bangs

Rocking the long 70s retro bangs is very on point. These bangs look great when fresh from the salon or after a bit of growth. And in true pandemic-quarantine fashion, they’ll look great even if you don’t get back to the salon as frequently.

#3 Smoked Out Roots

Let’s be honest… if you had colored hair pre-COVID, you had some root growth by the time you made it back to your stylist! Who knew it would become a trend? More than ever before, the smoked-out or dark roots look is in. And not just because we had to. Turns out, darker or natural roots make the hair look more voluminous by providing contrast to the hair color, while also helping your roots be healthier and your overall hair less damaged. So when you go to have your color refreshed, ask your stylist about doing a smoked out root!

#4 Auburn!

Nothing screams fall like the warm, rich tones of auburn. Darker-than-blonde hues are ideal for the clothing color trends of fall. And a natural-looking shade provides depth, complexity, and brightness to your hair. Perfect for fall nights around the fire, a hayride through the pumpkin patch, or a date night with your honey.

#5 Vivid Colors

Fall is a great time to explore new looks… and darker hues don’t have to be limited to brown. Use a deep violet to darken your locks this time! Whether you go with an all-over neon or accent money pieces around the face, bold, non-natural colors are still very now.

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