A Moment’s Peace is a well-established brand across Middle Tennessee, with a 15-year track record of success, winning “best of” awards over 12 years in a row across multiple media publications and categories.  If you’re considering owning your own salon & day spa, consider how A Moment’s Peace can provide you with a blueprint for success.

We have outperformed against traditional national brands because of a powerful combination: Our NAME, A Moment’s Peace, and our multiple revenue streams all in one spot.  We appeal to the broadest demographics and allow customers an easy path to accomplish a lot all within one uniquely uncommon place.    We are the go-to for guys and gals for a last minute gift or a unique and special experience.

We’re accepting inquiries now for franchising opportunities, available beginning September 2018.

A Brand Name Consumers Immediately Embrace

Our name, A Moment’s Peace, tells our clients all they need to know.  From the start, we never had to explain to target consumers what A Moment’s Peace is all about.  People hear the name and say, I need that!  It’s time for yourself; the classic “me time” wrapped up in modern luxury.  The brand exudes warm relaxation, and has allowed us to build a fast-growing, loyal customer base that expects the best and is willing to pay for it.

A Superior Franchise Business Model with more diverse revenue streams

Combining hair care, nails (manicure/pedicure), professional skin care, tanning, waxing, massage and shopping into one “everyday luxury” experience provides a superior franchise business model over stand-alone hair options like Super Cuts, stand-alone nail options like Nail Bar, stand-alone skin care options like Merle Norman, and stand-alone massage options like Massage Envy.  We also outperform the traditional Day Spa models with our large hair salon representing about 30% of the total revenue.  We establish client revisits every 4-6 weeks, and we make it simple to get multiple services in one exciting place.

Check out “3 Ways a Full-Service Salon & Day Spa Provides a Superior Franchise Business Model” to learn more:

Compared to Stand-Alone Hair Salon Models

Compared to Stand-Alone Day Spa Models

Compared to Stand-Alone Massage Models

Compared to Stand-Alone Nail Salon Models

Compared to Stand-Alone Tanning Models

Compared to Stand-Alone Waxing Models

Benefit from Our Experience

If you are considering opening up your own business, then make sure you align with someone who’s done it before.  Everyone learns far more from failure than they ever do from success.  And while we’ve had a lot of success,  we encourage you to be a part of our team.  Leverage our 15 years of trial and error for your own improved Return on investment.  Our failures can be your greatest strength; if you choose not to repeat them. Your success will be driven by knowing what NOT to do, or concern yourself with.  A Moment’s Peace can share our best practices if you are a franchisee or licensed partner.

Management Consulting from Start-Up to Mature Operation

We help you device a successful launch plan at start-up:  branding, location, layout, interior design, staffing, capitalization, and other key aspects to getting
off to a great start.   Whether you use our brand or have another in mind,
we help you see it to fruition.

The number-one reason most salons & day spas fail is thinking that the Services Providers can manage the business combined with over-emphasis on “the daily services” provided and not enough focus on the overall “business strategy”.   It is the overall “business strategy” that will differentiate you or not.  We show you how: The process, key metrics, how do you staff, what does strong daily/weekly management look like, and what tools are available.   We show you how to do it with an on-site or absentee owner.

Yes the Service Providers are critically important, but A Moment’s Peace puts these great providers within a system of success so they won’t fail.  Our approach attracts and retains the best-of-the-best providers in the area and they stay!  The “A Moment’s Peace System” shows you the way, anticipates the support you will need and yet reduces the capital you will spend, which enhanced the profitability.  We further watch the trends for you while you focus on day-to-day client services and overall satisfaction.

Mix & Match – We will fit what you need

Looking for the superior franchising strategy?  OK.. Just want to license a great brand?  OK.  Need a full-service management consulting? OK.  Need layout and design consulting, or a mix of services? OK.
We can be involved in a number of different ways and at varying levels of participation based on your needs and desires.

Frachising opportunities will be available in June 2018.  Ask us how our licensing and management consulting opportunities could help you develop your own successful launch plan anywhere in the world.  Build on our long track record of strong revenue growth and proven management systems.

This is not an offer to sell a franchise.  Franchise offers can only be made through the Franchise Disclosure Document.

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