Plan the Most Unique Bachelorette Party Ever

Everyone’s looking for unique ideas to make your bachelorette party extra special.  These are memories you’re creating with your girls that you want to last a lifetime!

We understand that, and we’ve made A Moment’s Peace a very special part of many bachelorette parties over the years.  Can you say “selfie envy?”

A Relaxing Kick-Off to the Big Weekend

Imagine everyone is arriving on a Thursday morning.  Spend the afternoon at the spa before you head out on the town tonight!

Adding a spa day to your bachelorette party itinerary gives everyone a chance to relax and catch up on all the latest news and gossip before you’re in a series of loud clubs and parties all weekend.

We typically add a catered lunch or snack, beverage service — including getting the alcohol flowing if that’s a priority…

And we find that everyone appreciates the chance to get nails or make-up done because there never seems to be enough time to get ready before you hit the airport!

A Relaxing Way to Start the Recovery Before Everyone Heads Her Separate Ways

Now imagine it’s Sunday.  Everyone is headed home later tonight, and you’ve done just about all the partying you can do.

A limo picks you all up at your hotel, luggage and all.  You appreciate the relative quiet of the spa environment, and you definitely appreciate the chance to relax, unwind, and recover a little before you catch your plane home!

A nice relaxing lunch, great conversation with friends, that massage really helps you work out the kinks and get your mind right.  It’s the perfect send-off for your girls.

Bachelorette Party Menu

Every bachelorette party is different, so we don’t really have a set menu.  Here’s a list of elements we can include in your party:

Spa Treatments

Sunless Tanning
Hair Salon Services

Food & Beverage Service

Catered Meals
Alcohol/Non-Alcoholic Drink Service

Take-Home Gifts

Spa Products
Candles & Home Decor
Gift Cards


Limo Bus
Passenger Van



Don’t see it listed here?  We can probably still provide it.

Get A Proposal for Your Own Spa Bachelorette Party

Just give us a little information about your party plans a member of our concierge team will follow up with you personally to give you a custom proposal just the way you’d like it.