• Hair Styling Salon

    Relax and be pampered in our beautiful hair styling salon.

    We customize all of our styling services at A Moment’s Peace for each individual customer, so prices can vary significantly, but an average cut and color would generally be approximately $150.

    Women’s Haircut & Style – From $50
    Men’s Haircut & Style – From $35
    Conditioning – Add $15
    Shampoo Blow Dry/Set – From $30
    Permanent Wave – From $75*
    Highlights – From $75*
    Base Color – From $55*

    * Haircut or Style Additional

    Manicure Salon & Pedicure Spa
    Leave the world behind in the comfort of our nail salon, complete with luxurious reclining, massaging pedicure whirlpool spas.

    Express Manicure – From $25
    Express Pedicure – From $45
    Spa Manicure with Paraffin & Hand Massage – From $30
    Full Set Acrylics (Pink & White – Additional $5) – From $60
    Acrylics Fills (Pink & White – Additional $5) – From $35
    Gel Nail Sets – From $60
    Gel Fill – $35
    Spa Pedicure – From $60
    Includes aromatherapy, foot massage and rejuvenating foot mask

    Additional Nail Services

    Professional Re-Polish
    Natural Nails – From $15
    Acrylic Nails (with Re-Buff) – From $20
    Toe Nails – From $25

    French Style
    Per Manicure – From $5
    Per Pedicure – From $5

    Shellac/Gel Color – Add $20

    Nail Repairs
    Per Nail – From $6

    Lash Extentions
    Full application of individual semi-permanent lashes – $175
    Touchup application – $75 and up
    Eyelash extension removal – $30

  • Spa Packages

    Choose from any of our Spa Packages to treat yourself or that special someone in your life!

    Full Day of Peace – $370
    We begin with a Customized European Facial and therapeutic Swedish massage to relax the body and mind. After you’ve spent the morning being pampered, cocoon yourself in our tranquility room for lunch with the unmistakable sound of falling water in the background. Let the peace continue in a reclining massage chair as your hands and feet are treated to our deluxe spa manicure and pedicure. Finally, be whisked away for a hair style and professional make-up application.
    (Approximately 6 hours)

    Queen for a Day – $375
    Proudly wear the crown you so deserve. Begin with a body wrap and customized facial revealing your royal glowing skin. Next, enjoy a gourmet lunch before a relaxing therapeutic massage. Conclude your reign with a deluxe manicure and pedicure, listening to cascading water as your nails are primped to perfection.
    (Approximately 4 1/2 hours)

    Moments of Peace – $280
    Hour long customized European facial; one hour Swedish massage; lunch; spa manicure and spa pedicure.
    (Approximately 4 1/2 hours)

    Half Day Of Peace – $190
    First choose from either our signature Customized European Facial or an hour long luxurious Swedish massage. Once you have begun to achieve that inner peace, take a break and relax with a delightfully sinful snack in our tranquility room. To complete this wonderful experience, indulge yourself with a spa manicure and pedicure in the nail salon. This package is the perfect getaway, or gift for that someone special.
    (Approximately 3 hours)

    Gentleman’s Day of Peace – $280
    Real men don’t complain about a little mud. Our gentleman’s escape begins with a customized facial specially designed for a man’s skin. We follow that with a tension-releasing Swedish massage. After a break for gourmet lunch, we round out this package with hand and foot treatments to repair and moisturize the skin, and maintain cuticles and nails.
    (Approximately 3 hours)

    Athlete’s Escape – $179
    As a supplement for those involved in ongoing heavy training, or a repair for those weekend warriors, this package relaxes muscle tension, relieves soreness, and rejuvenates the body. We begin with a thorough sports massage, targeting muscle groups in need of special attention. After a break for a light, healthy snack, we indulge you with our deluxe spa manicure and pedicure – the perfect prescription for tired, achy hands and feet.
    (Approximately 2 1/2 hours)

    Teen Dream – $239
    Make your precious teen the center of attention. She will love our luxurious body scrub which will soften her skin from head to toe. We’ll make those sparkling eyes “pop” with an eye brow shaping. Then a 30 minute starter facial will calm any teenage skin woes. A gourmet lunch will be served along with a deluxe spa manicure and pedicure.
    (Approximately 3 hours)

    Mothers “To Be” Day Out – $260
    Celebrate your bundle of joy early with a day of pampering at the spa. A 60 minute prenatal massage will calm the kicking and lift your spirits. A 30 minute express facial will even out your skin tone and enhance your prenatal glow. Then a brow shaping will beautify your eyes and a gourmet lunch will fill your tummy. Finally indulge in a deluxe spa manicure and pedicure and announce the arrival of your new rejuvenated beauty.
    (Approximately 3 1/2 hours)

    Mini Spa Day – $150
    First-time spa goers love this package because it lets them sample all the wonderful delights of the spa and decide what to explore in greater depth during future visits. We start with a 30-minute Swedish massage to relieve tension, then continue with a starter facial which includes a skin analysis and end the day with a spa manicure.
    (Approximately 2 hours)

  • Massage Therapy

    Swedish Massage
    Swedish technique is the gold standard, and most requested form of massage. This treatment utilizes medium pressure, and your therapist will adjust to your preference. Used for pure relaxation, soothing nerves, relieving tension, reducing stress, and creating a heightened sense of well-being.
    30 minutes – $55
    60 minutes – $85
    90 minutes – $110
    Series of 11 60-minute treatments – $750

    1-Hour Signature Swedish & Cold-Stone Facial Massage
    Refreshing and relaxing a customized 60 minute full-body Swedish Massage which incorporates the use of cold stones to the face. Excellent for sinus and headache relief or for general reawakening of the spirit. Cold used on the face, is a powerful decongestant, pushing fluid and wastes out of overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissues.
    (Note – not performed for contagious colds or flus)
    60 minutes – $99

    Hot Stone Massage
    Smooth, polished stones are heated and incorporated into this luxurious massage- the perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.
    60 minutes – $100
    90 minutes – $125

    LA Stone Massage – $120
    This exclusive, stone-touch massage involves targeted placement of heated and cooled stones on corresponding parts of the body, performed by a specially-trained therapist.
    (Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes)

    Couples Massage – $200
    Enjoy a side by side 60 minute Swedish Massage in our luxurious Couples Suite.
    (Approximately 1 hour)

    Sports Massage
    Optimize training and minimize recovery time with this vigorous massage. The perfect compliment to athletic training regiments at all levels, customized for serious competitors or weekend warriors.
    30 minutes – $60
    60 minutes – $85

    Prenatal Massage
    Now offering second and third trimester massage for our moms-to-be. This massage will help relieve muscle tension and swelling due to pregnancy.
    30 minutes – $60
    60 minutes – $85

    Cranio-Sacral Massage
    In a Cranio-Sacral therapy session, manual pressure is gently applied to the skull and spine, restoring proper circulation to the cranio-sacral system.
    30 minutes – $55
    45 minutes – $70
    60 minutes – $80

    Deep Tissue Massage
    A deeper massage designed for individuals wanting more detailed body work on specific muscle groups. We recommend this therapy as a wonderful relief for stress-related tension.
    30 minutes – $70
    60 minutes – $95
    90 minutes – $125

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    A detoxifying light touch massage with the use of essential oils to help relieve headaches and sinus congestion.
    30 minutes – $55
    60 minutes – $80

    Pressure points in hands and feet release tension and get energy flowing. This treatment may also relieve allergies and headaches.
    30 minutes – $55
    45 minutes – $70
    60 minutes – $80

    Reviving Swedish Massage & Lavender & Peppermint Foot Scrub
    (60 minute treatment) Combination treatment. Tired feet find relief from the therapeutic scrub, which provides maximum hydration and exfoliation, while aromatherapy blends of lavender & peppermint aromatherapy scented essential oils help revive the skin and balance your mind. Hot towels are wrapped around your feet to add to the relaxation and soften the skin. The foot scrub is incorporated into a standard 60-minute Swedish $100

  • Skin Care Treatment

    European Facial
    Give your skin a gift of renewed radiance. Our cleansing, rejuvenating treatment nourishes, hydrates, soothes and tones, leaving your skin feeling soft, glowing, and refreshed. We customize the treatment for your skin type and take extra care with sensitive skin. Skin is cleansed, analyzed, exfoliated under steam, then any impurities are extracted. Once prepared, you are treated to a facial massage, mask and moisturizer, all custom-tailored to your skin’s specific needs.
    60 minutes – $95

    Express Facial
    Get pampered and rejuvenated on the go. An express version of our classic European facial. Our cleansing, rejuvenating treatment nourishes, hydrates, soothes and tones, leaving your skin feeling soft, glowing, and refreshed. We customize the treatment for your skin type and take extra care with sensitive skin. Skin is cleansed, analyzed, then exfoliated under steam. Once prepared, you are treated to a facial massage, mask and moisturizer, all custom-tailored to your skin’s specific need
    30 minutes – $55

    Vitamin C Therapy Facial – $115
    We recommend this treatment for reducing fine lines and restoring a youthful, luminous appearance to your skin. A deep pore cleansing with a high-potency concentration of Vitamin C is applied, followed by a high-tech formulation of freeze-dried seaweed. Great for dehydrated skin.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    Lightening Facial – $99
    This complexion brightening and pigment reducing facial is ideal for treating age spots or pigment disorders. It conditions, moisturizes and improves skin appearance.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    Teen Facial – $85
    Teens receive a customized facial and instruction of basic skin care. This can instill confidence and encourage an in-home skin care routine that will sustain great results.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    RS2 Rosacea Facial – $115
    We are pleased to offer a solution to the serious skin condition commonly called Rosacea. Our treatment relieves the visual effects of Rosacea, including dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritation with healing ingredients such as Green Tea, Chamomile, and Licorice. The skin surface is decongested, soothed, and hydrated to improve its look and feel.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    Deep Cleansing Facial – $75
    Our signature treatment for anyone with problematic or congested skin. A deep cleaning enzyme mask is applied to help soften impactions for easy removal. Anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe problem skin.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    Mini-Refresher Facial – $50
    Relax and rejuvenate with this quick getaway-perfect for a lunchtime escape.
    (Approximately 30 minutes)

    Gentleman’s Facial – $95
    Just for men, this variant on our signature Customized European Facial is designed specifically for a man’s skin. A thorough cleansing, toning and exfoliation is combined with a calming and nourishing mask to help relieve razor burns, skin dryness, and irritation.
    (Approximately 60 minutes)

    Our European Facial can be enhanced with your
    choice of the following:

    High Performance Treatments – Add $20
    Vitamin C, seaweed therapy, collagen, elastin, lactic acid boost, oxygen therapy

    Eye Contour Treatment – Add $25

    Upgraded Peel Services – Add $35

    Skin Care Peel Series
    All treatments are approximately 30 minutes

    Single Treatment – $70
    Series of Six Treatments – $350

    Problematic Skin Peel
    Removes dull, dry skin and add ceramides an hyaluronic acid for advanced hydration.

    Hydrating Peel
    Removes dull, dry skin and add ceramides an hyaluronic acid for advanced hydration.

    Glycolic Acid Peel
    Stimulates cellular turnover while exfoliating the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

    Power C Peel
    Fights skin problems and replenishes moisture.

    Back Treatment – $85

    Seaweed Body Masque – $85
    Stimulates your body’s metabolism.

    Aromatic Moor Mud Body Wrap – $95
    Super rich in organic minerals and nutrients which draw out toxins and refresh the body.

    Green Coffee Cellulite Wrap – $95
    Visible slimming and firming results.
    (Series of 6 – $495)

    Body Glow – $70
    A special mixture of salts, powdered herbs and minerals blended with aromatherapy oil are massaged over the body to gently
    sweep away dead cells. (Sunless Tan – $20)
    (Approximately 45 minutes)

    Natural skin-rejuvenating treatment which removes most acne and minor scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, rough or blotchy skin, blemishes and age spots.
    • Single Treatment – $99
    • Add D’eccollet’e (chest) – $30
    • Hands, elbows, etc. – $45
    • Series of 6 – $500

  • Hair Removal Services

    We provide professional hair removal services in a private, safe environment. Each client is special and can expect all services to be performed in an efficient and effective manner by our conscientious aestheticians.


    Lip From $10
    Brow From $20
    Brow Tint From $20
    Nose From $10
    Jaw Line From $15
    Full Face From $35
    (Brows Additional)
    Underarms From $30
    Full Arms From $45
    Half Arms From $35
    Full Legs From $70
    Half Legs From $45
    Upper Legs From $45
    Stomach From $30
    Bikini Basic From $45
    French Bikini (top, deep sides) $50
    Brazilian Bikini (bare) $65 and up


    Back $50
    Back/Shoulder/Neck $65
    Chest $50
    Brows/Cheekbone $20
    Full Arms $45
    Full Legs – $75
    Feet – $25
    Hands – $25
    Brazilian Bikini (Bare) – $80
    Bare Bottom – $75

  • Professional Makeup or Consult

    Professional Makeup Application from $40
    Our professional makeup artists are available to apply makeup for weddings and other special occasions, or to teach you techniques you can use everyday.

    Exclusively Offering Jane Iredale Skin Care Cosmetics
    The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That’s why A Moment’s Peace offers micronized mineral makeup by Jane Iredale. Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and our professional estheticians, micronized mineral cosmetics are a true extension of our skin care regimen here at the spa. It’s not just a refinement of normal makeup, it’s entirely new technology.

    Jane Iredale cosmetics do not block pores, are virtually allergy-free, offer a natural SPF 20 protection against the sun’s harmful rays, and are very water-resistant. We have chosen this makeup as part of our comprehensive skin-care regiment because it offers complete coverage of skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and redness following peels, and micro-dermabrasion, and other skin treatments.

    Jane’s line is a highly-sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments, which are micropulverized using proprietary technology and processes to form microscopic flat crystals. These crystals overlap each other on the skin to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally, while still protecting it from airborne pollutants. The staying power of minerals is so great that they rarely need a touch-up during the day. And because these silky-feeling powders are water-resistant, they won’t crease or smear – even during the most strenuous exercise.

  • Special Services

    Gift Cards
    Gift cards can be redeemed for use in our boutique or applied to any of our packages and services. Purchase gift cards in store, by phone or online. Gift cards are non-refundable.

    Wedding Parties
    We take great pleasure in helping set the stage for beautiful wedding days by pampering brides and their attendants. Our gentleman’s spa package is easily adapted for grooms and their groomsmen. Packages are customized for each wedding party, including food and beverages.

    Feel free to browse our boutique for professional makeup, skin care and body products. We have unique gift ideas which we can customized for that special someone.

    Corporate Entertainment
    Spa treatments are a unique way to entertain clients and reward employees. Our guest service staff can customize half and full-day experiences, complete with gourmet food and beverages, take-home gifts and other custom features. We are known for creative, comprehensive event design

  • VersaSpa Sunless Tanning

    If you’ve ever used this system, you know how different the VersaSpa system and the results are from typical sunless tanning booths. VersaSpa transforms your skin in just minutes in order to both bronze, hydrate and smooth fine lines, all in one session! You can customize your tanning with one of two sunless bronzing treatments and a post-sunless super hydrating treatment. You’ll enjoy the process as mush as the results and relax with a wide open interior design, EZ-2Breathe purification system, and Comfort-Dry technology all while applying a perfect sunless tan every time.

    Single Visit – $30 one-time fee
    $60 for two VersaSpa spray tans
    $120 for four VersaSpa spray tans
    $240 for eight VersaSpa spray tans

    We include the hydration upgrade at no extra charge in all of our VersaSpa services.