The month of October brings all things spooky: black cats, ghosts, and witches with spells to cast. While we adore all the creepy things of October, we don’t want to be in their category of Halloween terror. When our hair is a mess, our nails are a wreck and our legs are furrier than The Addam’s Family Cousin Itt – sometimes those lines get a little blurred. A Moment’s Peace is here to ensure that your Halloween costume is the only thing scary about you this Halloween season. Here is a curated list of services we provide to keep you at your Halloween best. 

Spook-tacular Halloween Hairstyles

Whether you need your hair styled specifically for a Halloween party or need a trim of those dreaded split ends with a fresh fall trend color, we are here for you to ensure you feel confident in your costume and feel your best after the night of All Hallows Eve. 

Hairy Horror

If you are looking a little too closely related to Cousin Itt, we can help with that. We employ the area’s top waxing and hair removal aestheticians to guarantee your hair removal process is as painless as possible with the results you desire. We offer hair removal services from head-to-toe for both men and women to provide you that silky smooth feeling of being hair-free. 

Prominently Pale?

Are you afraid people won’t be able to tell the difference between you and Casper? We have a VersaSpa for that. VersaSpa is the leading in-salon personal spray tan experience that promises a streak-free, beautiful finish every time. With 3 spray nozzles for an even, full-body coverage you will receive a natural tan look in just under a couple of minutes. 

Nightmarish Nails 

Do your cuticles need some loving? How about your nails, are they in need of some fabulous fall color? Come inside A Moment’s Peace today for a manicure experience unlike any other. If you are in search of finding the perfect Halloween colors or desire a more modest fall shade, we have a wide array of OPI Professional colors for you to choose from to find the perfect look. 

Frighten those Blemishes Away

Our skin is our first line of defense against the elements of our environment. Our levels of stress, hydration, and overall eating habits are reflected in the appearance of our skin, especially our face. If your skin is looking dull, rough, and displaying noticeable blemishes you are in need of one of our many facial services. A European Facial is the best for overall care and providing that glowing, healthy look. We also offer targeted facials such as a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and a Regernation Facial.

If you feel you’re skin is requiring more intense care, A Moment’s Peace provides MedSpa services and is consistently named the best skincare provider by multiple media publications. We offer Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Hydrafacials, and many more MedSpa services to serve your needs. 

Halloween costumes are supposed to be a little spooky, our everyday look should be a little less naturally scary. Whether you are looking for those perfectly dark nails and Halloween hair colors to compliment your costume or seeking a more modest fall appearance, we are here to meet your every need when it comes to self-care. Call or book your appointment with us online today for any one of our award-winning services.