Couples Peace – for the ideal date.
It is a Couple Massage (60 or 90 mins) in our unique couples room and a couples pedicure.  Every women loves this time spent with their man.

90 min Couples room massage package – $275 for two 90 min Swedish Massages in the couples room, plus 2 spa pedicures for $120, package price is $395.

60 min Couples room massage package – $225 for two 60 min Swedish Massages in the couples room, plus 2 spa pedicures for $120, package price is $345.

Swedish Massage
Swedish technique is the gold standard, and most requested form of massage. This treatment utilizes medium pressure, and your therapist will adjust to your preference. Used for pure relaxation, soothing nerves, relieving tension, reducing stress, and creating a heightened sense of well-being.
60 minutes – $95
90 minutes – $120

Lavender and Peppermint Scrub add $20

With the purchase of 10 one hour treatments, receive two complimentary.

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, polished stones are heated and incorporated into this luxurious massage- the perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.
60 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $135

LA Stone Massage – $130
This exclusive, stone-touch massage involves targeted placement of heated and cooled stones on corresponding parts of the body, performed by a specially-trained therapist.
(Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes)
Back, Neck, Shoulders add $75
Headache Sinus add $75
Deep Tissue add $10

Couples Massage – $225
Enjoy a side by side 60 minute Swedish massage in our luxurious Couples Suite.
(Approximately 1 hour)

Sports Massage
Optimize training and minimize recovery time with this vigorous massage. The perfect compliment to athletic training regiments at all levels, customized for serious competitors or weekend warriors.
60 minutes – $110

Prenatal Massage
Now offering second and third trimester massage for our moms-to-be. This massage will help relieve muscle tension and swelling due to pregnancy.
60 minutes – $100

Cranio-Sacral Massage
In a Cranio-Sacral therapy session, manual pressure is gently applied to the skull and spine, restoring proper circulation to the cranio-sacral system.
45 minutes – $75
60 minutes – $85

Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper massage designed for individuals wanting more detailed body work on specific muscle groups. We recommend this therapy as a wonderful relief for stress-related tension.
60 minutes – $110
90 minutes – $135

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A detoxifying light touch massage with the use of essential oils to help relieve headaches and sinus congestion.
60 minutes – $85

Pressure points in hands and feet release tension and get energy flowing. This treatment may also relieve allergies and headaches.
45 minutes – $75
60 minutes – $85

Reviving Swedish Massage & Lavender & Peppermint Foot Scrub
(60 minute treatment) Combination treatment. Tired feet find relief from the therapeutic scrub, which provides maximum hydration and exfoliation, while aromatherapy blends of lavender & peppermint aromatherapy scented essential oils help revive the skin and balance your mind. Hot towels are wrapped around your feet to add to the relaxation and soften the skin. The foot scrub is incorporated into a standard 60-minute Swedish $110