Our Best Ideas That Contribute To Success And Solve Our Challenges:

  1. Net Promoter Score = quick confidence
  2. Recruitment and new talent development, showing recruits they will develop FASTER HERE, and learn more here than anywhere else.
  3. Using Technology and Process to help providers yet KEEP IT SIMPLE


What Is A Net Promoter Score?

Simple way to measure the health and growth of your business with DATA

Examples Of Reviews For A Net Promoter Score

Using Booker by Mindbody: We send text messages to 1000+ guests per month. We receive feedback from about 250, so we end up with these ratings, comments, and feedback.

1. Spot issues and act upon them just as fast as they are reported. We stop bad “word of mouth” before its too late!

2. Ask, “What would have made it a 9 or 10?” to discover what staff could do next time around. When you ask a customer this, they become a promoter.

3. Share these far and wide, and inspire the team with them. Feature the positives by sending these to boost moral, show what should be done more often and learn to create more. The staff will eventually work hard to create many promoters.

Ways To Convert Detractors And Passives Into Promoters

We review the feedback we receive daily & weekly to find detractors and passives, as quickly as possible.

Once a detractor or passive is found, we take two action steps:

    Our annual average of 88-90 is “World Class,” our business is healthy and in control. Our technology & processes net quick confidence.

    How Promoters Help Our Business

    Promoters get placed on our review websites immediately. Guests are pushed to share the good news on Google, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor using our technology.

    1. SPEEDY display of reviews.
    2. REALTIME reviews matter! Infact, scan QR code.
    3. SPEED MATTERS with reviews.  The faster you engage and handle Detractor and Passive – the greater the benefit.  Don’t leave them unattended. 
    4. RECENT reviews demonstrate that we are on it – everyday! New guests want to try it out.
    5. GUESTS tell us the amazing display of all these reviews – all the more reason they come!