Proudly Introducing our New Medical Director: Sujay Kumar, MD

Joining us in Spring of 2020, Dr. Sujay Kumar is exactly who you want performing or overseeing medical spa procedures – especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Have a safety and health question? Let’s ask him.

Health and Safety Precautions

Our standards have always been high, with disinfecting and sanitizing between every service as our common practice. This year, we have added our medical director to help us maintain best practices in disinfecting and sanitizing. We are now operating at elective health care facilities’ standards to ensure even more safety for staff and clients. Our goal is to have the absolute highest standards in the market of any similar place.  

 The world is different now, so we have adapted to offer another dimension of peace: peace of mind when it comes to health and safety in the salon and spa. We value your business and respect your cautiousness in venturing out.  Come see how we have boosted our policies and procedures in staff training, workflow, and sanitation beyond our already-high standards. 

In addition to meeting or exceeding local and CDC guidelines, our employees must now undergo two additional training courses in protecting both customers and themselves in the beauty industry during this COVID-19 pandemic. We also do routine enforcement and review to make sure standards stay high.

New Medical Spa Procedures

In addition to ensuring our facility is following all guidelines and keeping everyone safe during this uncertain time, Dr. Sujay Kumar is bringing some exciting new offerings to A Moment’s Peace. We are pleased to be able to offer medical aesthetic procedures, including SkinPen collagen induction therapy (CIT).

The SkinPen is the most advanced form of microneedling, a procedure designed to create controlled micro-channels in the skin to stimulate new skin growth, including fresh collagen to boost and plump the skin from within. Unlike older methods, SkinPen allows the depth of the needling to be adjusted for use on the entire face, including around the eyes and mouth. The most delicate facial areas also tend to be where people age first.

SkinPen CIT, best done in a series of three treatments, spaced a month apart, has shown incredible results in treating areas such as acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. And best of all, the downtime is minimal (just one day!), as opposed to a week with some traditional ablative therapies. When coupled with a carefully applied numbing cream, discomfort during treatment with the SkinPen is relatively minor.

We are so pleased to have Sujay Kumar, MD, on staff here at A Moment’s Peace. We are committed to our promise and track record of the very best skincare available. Dr. Kumar enables us to offer even more to meet your safety, health, relaxation, and beauty needs all in one place.

To schedule an appointment, just text (‪615) 637-8645‬. You can also book your next appointment at A Moment’s Peace by calling (615) 224-0770, emailing, or using the online automated assistant in the lower right area of our website.