If you’re a busy woman (which is probably all women out there), things like styling our hair or putting on makeup tend to be items we skip over, for lack of time and energy. Having enough time to wash, blow dry and style your hair during the morning hub-bub can seem impossible, but we found five quick, stylish looks from Twist Me Pretty that are perfect for those crazy mornings. These looks all utilize braiding, which has become a very popular way to style hair quickly. Plus, braids work great on hair that isn’t freshly washed.

1. The Braided Headband

This style is particularly easy and extremely versatile. You simply section off the hair that you want to form the headband and French braid down. The great thing about this style is that it works for freshly cleaned hair and second-day hair. This braid can be done where the bangs are braided into the headband like the picture here, or you can angle the braid back and leave the bangs out for a more framed look. It looks particularly good with day old curls, but still looks just as wonderful for those of us who have straight hair.


2. The Braided Ponytail
This braided hairstyle was influenced by fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, who wears this style in many of her workout videos. There are many great things about this style – it keeps your hair out of your face, it’s easy to put together and it’s not sloppy, meaning you can go anywhere with this hairstyle.


3. The Braided Crown
This hairstyle is highly popular, not only for casual use, but also for formal occasions. It’s incredibly fast, super easy, and simply gorgeous. Perhaps the best thing about this style is that it honestly looks best with unwashed hair. To give your braid a little more volume, curl your hair beforehand or simply pull out the “feathers”  of the braid and fan them out.


4. Side French Braid with Messy Bun
While a bit more intricate than some of the other styles, what we love about this style is that it combines the elegance of a French braid with a messy bun. For this style, you French braid along one side of your hairline. Once you get to the nape of your neck, just take the rest and make a messy bun off to the side. It’s sure to bring on the compliments since it looks so fancy, but the simple style is quick and easy to put up.


5. The 2-minute Braided Bun
For those extra busy days when you just need to get your hair up and out of the way, a great bun is usually the way to go. This 2-minute bun is a quick go-to that’s perfect for any occasion. Like a lot of these styles, it works with clean or dirty hair, curly or straight hair, and it’s very difficult to mess up. For extra texture, you can pair this style with curly hair, which gives the volume and a more casual, carefree look.