Backrubs are great. Having someone rub your shoulders when you’re sore or have had a long day is nice, sure. Professional massage therapy from a licensed, trained massage therapist is an entirely different level of wonderful.

Why? What makes an actual massage so beneficial? The area’s top massage therapists at A Moment’s Peace know these are just a few of the reasons why massage is so amazing.

#1 Decreased Stress

During massage, even a short one, endorphins are released. These “happy” hormones help reduce the presence of the stress hormone cortisol while also reducing adrenaline and norepinephrine. (Those are the ones responsible for feeling always “on” and managing the “fight or flight” response.)

#2 Improved Sleep

If insomnia has become your best bud, it’s time to kick it to the curb! Massage therapy can improve your ability to fall and stay asleep by slowing down the frantic activity in your nervous system. More restorative sleep can also improve other aspects of your life, including reducing pain.

#3 Reduce Anxiety

Just in case you’re wondering, stress and anxiety are not the same things, although they are often experienced hand-in-hand. If you find yourself constantly anxious or worried, especially without necessarily having a valid “reason” for the fretting, that’s anxiety. 

Massage helps promote relaxation of both the mind and body and can relieve anxiety. A calm environment set with quiet, peaceful music and relaxing scents can do wonders to relieve anxiety in both the short- and long-term.

#4 Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

If you’ve injured a joint or muscle, a qualified massage therapist can help you relieve tightness, cramps, knots, and pain. Or maybe you just have achy, sore muscles from a good workout but need some relief. Arthritis, other inflammatory diseases, and even just daily activities can cause pain and soreness in muscles repetitively used. A massage therapist can get you back to feeling mobile safely and quickly.

#5 Increase Focus

Ever find yourself easily distracted? Massage can help rein in the ability to focus, whether your attention is needed on work, a book you’re trying to read, or for staying tuned in and focused on a conversation.

Distraction and difficulty focusing may be a result of an elevated heart rate. And while there may be a million legitimate reasons for your heart rate to be elevated or for you to be distracted, massage can slow your body and consequently slow your mind. As you take deep, relaxing breaths and relish in the release of muscular tension, your mind quiets and you find your ability to focus improves.

#6 Immunity and Healing Boost

Your body is amazing. It regenerates cells, regrows bones, wards off illness and disease, and recovers from injuries. But like most amazing machines, sometimes it gets clogged and slows down or becomes less efficient. Massage sends messages throughout the body that can stimulate healing and increase immune response throughout the body as well as improve the lymphatic system.

Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore

Regardless of what benefit you seek or which kind of massage therapy you choose, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed in the clean, safe and comfortable environment provided at A Moment’s Peace. Take a deep breath and allow the experts to help you unwind. Call 615-224-0770 to schedule your appointment today.