While there are a lot of beauty treatments that you can do at home (or try at home), it is simply easier and safer to have professionals handle certain beauty treatments, like these five below.

1. Waxing

Waxing is one of the most important treatments to have done by a professional. Not only are they specifically trained to make it the least painful they can, but they can reach places where you can’t. They can also help prevent in-grown hairs and other skin issues.


2. Tanning

Tanning, like waxing, is also much easier to have done by the professionals. Tanning practices today make the process relatively quick and much healthier than a lot of DIY practices. Using tanning beds or lying out in the sun increases the risk of skin cancer exponentially. However, there are sunless tanning options that give you a refreshing, healthy-looking glow in no time.


3. Teeth Whitening

From rinses to special kinds of toothpaste to strips and whitening trays, there are a ton of methods out there for whitening your teeth. However, there is a downside to all these store-bought items. The rinses tend to whiten teeth gradually over time but it usually takes an extended period of time to see significant results. Some who use the special toothpaste experience sensitive teeth due to the ingredients. Strips and trays are not made for your specific teeth often hitting the gums and irritating them. Many of these are known to damage teeth in the long term as well. If you seek out a professional for this work, you’ll get custom-made trays with stronger solutions. Whitening performed in a professional setting is also often done with light or heat to speed up the process. This means a quicker whitening while reducing the irritation issues.


4. Major Color Changes

Changing your hair color can be a tricky thing to do if you have no experience or lack the proper tools. Hair coloring, in general, removes necessary nutrients from your hair and strips it of moisture, but the hair coloring that professional salons use put nutrients and moisturizing conditioner back into your hair. Box coloring doesn’t do that. Additionally, having a professional do it means that you can ensure that your new hair color is flawless all over.


5. Skin Peels

Because skin peels use chemicals in order to achieve the result of clearer, healthier skin, they should only be performed by a professional. Pro clinics are trained to take pigmentation of the skin, current skin conditions, and the potential for scarring into account. Furthermore, they have the ability to use stronger concentrations that they carefully monitor. Their first priority is to help you safely take care of your skin.