Summer is often a time for trying new hair styles, looks and colors. But maybe no summer before has seen people so excited to explore and refresh their appearance after sheltering-in-place in the wake of a pandemic! If you’ve beeh1.entry-title {
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}n watching the trends emerge, maybe you’re ready to try something new. At A Moment’s Peace, we are just as excited to help you achieve that new look!

Length and Style Trends

The trends we are seeing in length, style and cut for hair are fun this season. Popular looks include:

  • Shaggy Bob: adding the heavily layered look of the shag to the blunt cut of a bob gives a fun, trendy update
  • Pixie: this super-short ‘do can be slicked back, tousled or natural for a variety of looks in a perfect, cool summer style.
  • Side Bangs: Using a gradually angled cut to blend seamlessly into your hair instead of looking like a chunk on the side of your face is key to this style. And best of all, side bangs can refresh the look of any length hairstyle.

Color Trends

Color is such a great way to explore and express yourself through your hair. And in 2020, there really are no limits! Whether you’re looking for permission to rock the natural look or go as far from a natural color as possible, the answer is YES!

  • Going Gray: Believe it or not, letting your natural, gorgeous gray grow out can actually make you look younger than trying to fight it with severe color. Don’t believe it? Check out the ever-stunning looks of Glenn Close and Jamie Lee Curtis!
  • Blonde: Ah, summer… the season of blondes! Blonde always makes a powerful comeback during the sun-kissed summer months. Whether you go for subtle or platinum, rock the blonde.
  • Bronde: For decades, people seemed forced to choose between blonde and brunette. Salons and stylists are now embracing the more natural look of bronde, sometimes also called golden, opting for high and lowlights for easy maintenance and grow-out while still feeling summery.
  • Almost Black: While light colors certainly provide fun in the sun, the uber-dark look is trending as well. Whether you have naturally almost-black hair or just want to darken the color with the help of our stylist, the dramatic color is sure to be a winner.
  • Bold: Vivid colors that couldn’t possibly be natural continue to trend. And summer is as good a time as any to try something new. Neon colors, especially red, are rising. But whether you go pastel or deep purple or opt for a unicorn or mermaid look, bright, bold colors are still trendy. See our stylist Atlanta Horsman for help in this department!

Technique Trends

You’ve chosen your length and style, you’ve determined your color. But how about trending techniques? Two looks in particular achieve striking results.

  • Balayage: The French term literally means “to sweep” and refers to how color is applied, as opposed to the color itself. The technique lightens hair, similar to traditional highlights. But instead of using foils, balayage is hand-painted to mimic a sun-kissed look. It grows out more naturally and doesn’t have the severe, stripy look of traditional foil highlights. New stylist Chloe Woods is your girl for balayage!
  • Money Piece: Another fun trend is using a money piece. This is a face-framing technique to add a pop of color and vibrancy while accentuating your facial features and hair color. Usually a shade lighter than the rest of the color, talk to your stylist to determine if you want a heavy or a softer money piece.

A Moment’s Peace has 20 of Middle Tennessee’s top stylists. Book an appointment online or call us at 615-224-0770. We look forward to matching you with a stylist to meet your goals for your fresh summer hairstyle.