Oh, fall, we are ready for you! We’re over the heat, the humidity, and the sun damage. Bring on the cooler days because we’re diving into jacket weather. We’ll miss you, summer, but you can catch us hanging with all the layers, cozy bevs, and fresh fall hair.

The beachy blondes and waves of summer were a vibe, but we’re looking forward to healthy hair during the fall. We’re talking nourishing treatments and luscious, rich colors that revive sun-damaged strands for fall hair with dimension and shine. Say goodbye to summer ponytails and say yes to all the layers. 

The return of fall can also mean the return of routines, and we have some incredible new products from Kérastase to work into your fall hair routine. You’ll look as fresh as a newly turned leaf with a gorgeous cut, revived color, and some hair repair.

Whether you’re considering transforming your hair completely or just a change in style, hit the refresh button this September with these incredible fall hair recommendations:

Nourish Your Tired Tresses

fall hair guide 2023You had the best time this summer, but your hair is probably ready for a breather! After all the sun damage and pool time, start your fall hair routine with a treatment to bring your strands back to life. As part of your salon service, our stylists recommend a glossing treatment to seal the hair cuticle and add vibrancy and shine for a sleek, healthy look. 

Hair color also lasts longer with healthy, nourished hair. Senior stylist Ellyn Knox says, “When it comes to treating your hair, we have the best products for moving from summer to fall, specifically our Kérastase products.” 

Our new line of Kérastase products offers a range of options to condition and revive tired, damaged hair. In particular, we love the Oléo-Relax Advanced Hair Oil made with coconut oil and shea butter. Adding this mask to your fall hair routine moisturizes frizzy hair, seals split ends, and provides heat protection up to 450 degrees. 

Add Texture and Dimension to Your Style

You won’t believe it, but “The Rachel” is back. For our friends who missed out on Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut from Friends, this hairstyle had a grip on us for an entire decade. 

Officially known as the Butterfly Cut, this cut is back on trend with some modern updates. Think bouncy, blown-out layers referencing the effect of fluttering butterfly wings. It’s the perfect fall hair to pair with your oversized cardigan and flowy maxi dresses.    

fall hair guide 2023

Our stylists love adding depth, dimension, and texture to hair this time of year. We’re reaching for rich, luscious colors with delectable names like auburn, chestnut, amber, and gold. We recommend deepening the tone of your hair with low-lights or all-over color for revived fall hair. This might seem like code encouraging everyone to go brunette, but we promise you can achieve a seasonal look as a redhead or blonde by adjusting the warmth of your tone.

fall hair guide 2023

Add Length for Picture Perfect Style

If you’ve been considering hair extensions, now is the perfect time to ask for a consultation with our expert stylists. Extensions can add volume, thickness, and length if you’ve lost some from summer hair damage. They’ll instantly give you the fall hair you’re dreaming about. Extensions can also provide you flexibility with styling as you head into the holiday season and all your planned events. Think Instagram-worthy hair every day with expertly installed hair extensions and an updated fall hair routine. 

Feeling Inspired? Book Now!

If thinking about fall hair updates gets you as excited as the launch of Pumpkin Spice Latte, we’ve got you covered. Call the salon at A Moment’s Peace today at 615-224-0770 to get started with some nourishing hair repair or an appointment for a color service! 

Still deciding? Reach out for a consultation. Our stylists are up to date on the latest techniques and trends. They’d love to talk you through options from a subtle change to a major transformation so you’ll leave the salon looking your absolute best.