Balayage is a one of the trendiest yet timeless professional hair coloring techniques. It’s a favorite hair color style with A-list celebrities of all ages because it’s so universally flattering on almost every hair shade and across various hair styles. Here is what makes it the better choice for your next salon appointment.

What is Balayage

This color technique has been around for years but it’s finally become a big hair color trend. It’s a French word that means to sweep or to paint. Just like its definition, the application process is freehand hair coloring without foils that gives a blended and natural look without harsh lines. The effect is sun-kissed and natural hair shade with less noticeable re-growth patterns. It’s multi-tonal in finish instead of one flat color to the entire head. This technique uses light and shade to create multiple color dimensions. It’s a great method to refresh the color without going too bold.

Why It’s Different

The depth of finish depends on the client. You can choose a few highlights that take only a couple of minutes to apply, or you can create an entire multi-tonal head of hair that can take upwards of five hours to complete. Even though you may be sitting at the salon for hours, the final result means you can wait longer between appointments because the regrowth is much less noticeable with this coloring technique. Since this process is painted on freehanded and no foils are used, the results are less uniform versus traditional hair highlights. You never have to worry about getting high contrast colors either because of how the technique requires a lot of blending. Because it’s a freehanded application, the color is totally customized and bespoke to you.

Who’s an Ideal Candidate

Almost anyone can request this type of hair coloring application. It works on both dark and light hair. It also works on all hair textures including straight, wavy or curly hair because of how natural the results are. It even works on almost every hair length except very short or cropped hair. Celebrities who have long hair love this color trend because it creates an effortless beachy style.

This technique is here to stay even though it’s one of the biggest hair trends of the moment due to its effortlessly chic look. It’s just one of the many hair coloring techniques used here at A Moment’s Peace Salon and Day Spa.