After reopening our doors with improved safety protocols and practices, our team at A Moment’s Peace has continued looking for ways that we can better serve our customers. Now, we’re proud to introduce a brand new texting service that allows you to book your next appointment or ask a question!

Available 24/7, this free service is as easy as texting your request to (‪615) 637-8645‬. To get started, just shoot us a brief message with your appointment request or your question! Please keep questions brief so that we can quickly and thoroughly reply to all of our clients.

Text (‪615) 637-8645‬ to Book Your Appointment

As always, you can book your next appointment by calling (615) 224-0770, emailing, or using the online automated assistant in the lower right area of our website.

Masks & Other Safety Precautions

Out of an abundance of caution, we continue to require all clients and staff to wear masks in common areas. If you have health concerns, we encourage you to call to book a service in a private room or to book the first or last appointment of the day when traffic is very low. We will do our best to accommodate these requests and schedule clients who desire private rooms.

If you have not visited A Moment’s Peace before, you will appreciate knowing that many of our work spaces are already naturally social spaced. Additionally, our Medical Director, Dr. Sujay Kumar, continues to provide oversight, ensuring we follow elective healthcare facility guidelines, the highest standard available, and properly screen all staff and clients. For more information, read here.

Finally, A Moment’s Peace continues to require employees who have returned to work to undergo two training courses and certifications: “BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course” and “Protecting Your Spa’s Reputation through Sanitation Practices.” Your safety is our top priority.

We look forward to serving you! Text (‪615) 637-8645‬ to book your next appointment at A Moment’s Peace!