New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect time to set fresh self-care goals and adopt new beauty habits to maintain our inward and outward appearances. Although important, there is more to a great beauty routine than just taking your makeup off every night, getting enough water and eating healthy! As your trusted leader in the personal care sector, we have tapped into some of our departments of services to find out what beauty resolutions need to be on your New Year’s Resolutions list to ensure you are looking and feeling your best throughout 2022 and here are our top 5 beauty habits you need to maintain for 2022!  

SPF – All Year, Always

We most often think about applying SPF to our face during the summer when it’s warm and the sun is out. SPF is most definitely important during the summer months but also equally important during every other season. The sun’s damaging rays are still affecting your skin in the winter, even on cloudy days. The harmful UVA rays can penetrate clouds all year round causing sun damage to your skin. We recommend using a moisturizer or sunscreen every day with a minimum of SPF 30 to keep your skin protected year-round. 

Take Better Care of Your Scalp

Our scalps are often overlooked when it comes to our beauty routines but a simple once-a-week addition to your routine can provide healthier, thicker and shinier hair. When we gently exfoliate our scalp by using water-friendly tools (or even our fingertips!), we remove oil from it, stimulate our scalp for new hair growth and remove excess skin cells and dandruff. Only exfoliate one to two times a week for healthier hair, if done too frequently you risk your scalp over-producing oils leading to greasier hair.

Maintain Your Daily MakeUp and Tools

We usually give little thought to the expiration and maintenance of our makeup but this can be a huge mistake. If you use old make-up on your skin you have the potential to wreak havoc on your face. Most makeup has a typical life expectancy of 6 months, with exception of lipstick and powder makeups which can last up to 2 years. You run the risk of bacteria settling into your cosmetics and entering your skin through your pores leading to skin irritation, dryness, inflammation and worst-case scenario, infection. The same goes for your makeup brushes and tools. You should wash your makeup brushes and tools at least once a week according to leading dermatologists. Cleaning them regularly will help to rid them of dirt, oils and bacteria that otherwise ultimately make it to your skin. The most effective way to clean your brushes and other tools is by rinsing in warm water, soaking in a cleanser of your choice, rinsing with warm water and squeezing out any extra moisture into a clean towel. 

Use a Pre-Cleanser

A pre-cleanser acts like a rinse for your skin, it is designed to remove dirt and excess oils from your skin so that your cleanser can do its job properly. Apply it to dry skin before you wash your face as the cleansing oil is designed to emulsify with water. As you massage the product in, the cleansing oil breaks down everything your skin is holding including makeup, sunscreen, excess oils and dirt. All of this will rinse off as you wash the pre-cleanser off your face, providing the perfect opportunity for your cleanser to do its job of thoroughly purifying your skin and absorbing skincare products better. This process reduces clogged pores leading to healthier and more glowing skin. 

Prioritize Self-Care

Prioritizing self-care is a must when it comes to our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. This is where we promise to be here for our community no matter how you choose to self-care. Sometimes caring for yourself comes in the form of a massage and other times in the form of facials. We offer a variety of departments for services to fit the needs of all individual’s self-love preferences including hair, nails, massages, facials, hair removal, MedSpa and tanning. We encourage you to fit one monthly self-care service into your busy life so you have time to rejuvenate and replenish yourself on a routine. 

The Season of Love

While establishing and maintaining New Year’s Resolutions like the above helps you look and feel your best, it also assists in sustaining a positive attitude and setting the right tone for everything else in life. The first 6 weeks of the year are considered to be the Season of Love. First, we love ourselves and make ourselves a priority after the stress of the holidays. This self-rejuvenation allows us to then focus on prioritizing and loving others as we enter into the Valentine’s Day season. At A Moment’s Peace, we know how to help you express your love in meaningful ways, whether it’s a date night at the spa or a gift card that is guaranteed to impress. What are some great ways to express your love to those you care about most during the Season of Love?


A Moment’s Peace offers a variety of massages to fit everyone’s needs. Whether a classic Swedish Massage for stress relief or a more focused Sports Massage for him to relieve pain associated with athletic activities, we have something for everyone.


A facial is a wonderful gift to give someone, especially during the winter months. The harsh weather of winter has the potential to ravage our skin. Allow our aestheticians to provide someone you care about a luxurious service that is customized with products for their skin type. The recipient of the facial can purchase the same products used during their service so that they can maintain their routine at home and care for their skin all season long. 

The Gift of Choice

Provide someone with the gift of choice by purchasing a gift card for them to choose how they would like to spoil themselves. Giving someone the gift of self-care is a gift that communicates love, allowing someone to prioritize themselves and understand the need for relaxation. 

Purchase a gift card for someone special today. If you need assistance, we always have our gift concierges available to help you pick the perfect gift for that someone special. 

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