This year’s summer nail trends offer neat designs and colors that pop. You’ll want to immediately copy these summer nail trends before the autumn equinox on September 23. Here’s a look at the must-have nail designs from tropical to classic.

1. Pastel Polish

nail polishYou don’t have to get flashy or complicated to take advantage of this year’s summer nail trends. Just find a pastel polish that you love and that goes well with your skin tone and you can rock it all summer long. 

The softness of the colors is refreshing if you’re used to a classic red. It’s also a way to bring some color to summer if you’re used to a classic manicure.

2. Milky Nails

If you engage in a more active summer with activities like hiking, swimming, or water sports, you might like the milky nail trend. This uses the natural beauty of your nails but adds a milky look with polish. Nail chips won’t be evident and you’ll still get the shine you’re used to from your nails. But you’ll enjoy the appearance between manicures more than you would if you used a bolder polish.

3. Glazed Bright Colors

Glazed nails are extremely trendy and you can do them in just about any bright color for summer. Citrus is extra popular this year. If you’ve been a big fan of glazed nails, just go a shade brighter than you had been to celebrate summer. 

4. Matcha Green (or Pistachio)

nail polish

Tender hands with perfect blue manicure on trendy pastel pink background. Place for tex

Pale green is also extremely popular this summer. It pairs well with white or brown accents if you don’t want all-over color. The color really pops when celebrating at summer parties and festivals and might remind you a bit of a delicious and refreshing summer beverage – an iced matcha green tea.

5. Floral Designs

When you visit a skilled salon, you can request nail art like floral designs. You can create a smooth and neutral backdrop for the floral design with a nude or light pink polish. Then pick beautiful summer colors for the floral designs. You can show your nail artist some images of what you like or give them some creative freedom to create a stunning and unique appearance just for you.

6. Jelly Nails

Jelly nails were popularized at the turn of the millennia but are still popular today. The technique uses bright, sheer nail polish with a high-shine finish. They provide a strong pop of color but the transparency also adds a natural appearance you won’t get with other looks. You can pick from colors from green apple to raspberry jelly to make a splash this summer.

7. French Tips with Color

nail polishThe French tip is a classic look for nails. But if you want a more varied appearance that really speaks to summer, you can use bright colors for the tips instead of the classic white. Can’t pick one color? You can vary it by nail. This also looks great even for short nails.

8. Barbie Pink

nail polish

With the release of the new Barbie movie in theaters, stylists expect to see many requests for summer nails that are in bright Barbie pink. For many adults, the Barbie movie will be nostalgic and take them back to their childhood. Finding a way to celebrate that childhood with their nail art will be important.

9. Lavender

nail polish

Lavender is a pastel shade that is quite popular this summer and might even extend beyond the balmy summer weather. If you want to elevate the look, you can add chrome to the lavender for a more impressive finish. Or request an ombre design for a softer appearance.

10. Cyber Dot Nails

You can accomplish this appearance with a variety of base nail colors. Then add varying dot sizes in a consistent pattern. Generally, the dots are white on a colored background, but of course, you can select colors that are pleasing to you.

Where to Find the Most Talented Nail Artists in Middle Tennessee

Where you go to get your nails done does matter. The more skilled the nail artist, the more options you have for designs. Plus, skilled artists will know all about the latest trends and can look at a picture and know how to accomplish that appearance at a glance.

A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa offers a nail salon with technicians you can trust. And if you don’t know what design or look you want, they can help you come up with something that is perfect for you based on your wardrobe or summer activities. Book an appointment now to get your nails on fleek for the remainder of summer.