Versa Spa - Sunless Tanning SystemTomorrow is officially the first day of summer! Summer is in full-effect this year and there is no doubt when you step outside. With the warmer temperatures comes the cooler clothing options such as shorts, tank-tops and flip-flops which also means your summer skin tone is a must.

For over a year now, our clients have been raving about our sunless tanning system at A Moment’s Peace, the VersaSpa. VersaSpa is an amazing sunless tanning system that works to condition and moisturize your skin while giving your skin a beautifully natural bronze. It’s quick-drying, streak-free, and deeply penetrates for a summer glow all in less than a couple of minutes.

Something unique to what we offer with our VersaSpa at A Moment’s Peace is the “Post-Sunless Super Hydrating Treatment” at no additional charge. The hydrating treatment helps to replenish your skin’s vital nutrients, diminish fine lines and and deepen your golden color after a session.

So give us a call today to make an appointment and give VersaSpa a try for the first time. We know you’ll love the system, and like so many others, will find yourself coming back regularly to maintain that beautiful summer glow!

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