Several decades ago, there wasn’t an understanding that the sun and UV rays cause skin damage. But as skin cancer became a growing concern, medical professionals discovered that people could diminish their risk by protecting their skin from damaging UV rays.

Protecting your skin from the sun doesn’t mean you have to forfeit a beautiful tan. One of the most popular tanning methods today is the VersaSpa Sunless Tanning system. This spray tanning system will give you a glowing tan without damaging your skin.

How it Works:

The VersaSpa tanning solutions are created to rejuvenate your skin. They’re made with marine algae to detoxify, firm, and rejuvenate. They are also gluten, paraben, and cruelty free. Further VersaSpa offers moisturizing and extending options in their tanning solutions.

VersaSpa specifically uses what they call a perfector which works with your skin to balance the pH level or how acidic your skin is. It also speeds up the process; most see results within two hours.

A great benefit of spray tanning is you get to choose your tan intensity. Whether you want to have a healthy glow or make it look like you just came from the beach, you can choose between light, medium, dark, and darker tans.

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