What is a DevaCut? And is it any different from a regular haircut? 

While most hair cutting techniques are designed for straight hair, the DevaCut method was created specifically for curly hair. The revolutionary dry-cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. While hair is in its dry and natural state, a DevaCurl Stylist cuts and sculpts each curl to create a beautiful customized shape. Since no two curls are the same, dry cutting ensures that curls are cut evenly and allows the stylist to see a client’s true curl pattern.

How to Prepare / What to Expect: 

Arrive with your hair completely dry, detangled, and in its natural state (product free), free of ponytail holders, clips or other hair accessories. For new clients, the entire process can take up to two hours, which includes an initial conversation with our DevaCurl Certified Stylist Lynette Holton, the actual cut, the Transformation Service (cleansing and conditioning of your curls), a styling and coaching session to help you care for your curls at home, and dry time. For returning clients, it takes 60-75 minutes for the DevaCut, Transformation Service and drying process.

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