Fashionistas know appearance goes beyond the clothes. To truly appear put-together, you need to polish your look off with these nail trends, straight from the runway. From lengths to finishes, colors to patterns and embellishments, manicure trends are a fun way to express yourself – while still enjoying some flexibility to suit the mood or occasion.

One of our favorite trends this Spring? OPI’s new Mexico City Collection. With fun colors like Telenovela Me About It, Don’t Tell a Sol, and Mariachi Makes My Day, this spunky collection offers infinite shine. (Also, can we talk about these names? “My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore?” Love it!)

Trendy Lengths and Shapes

There seem to be endless options when it comes to the shape and length of nails. But a few stood out from the runway heading into Spring of 2020. From elegant to practical to dramatic, there are many options from which to choose.

  • Medium length, almond shape. Medium length provides both enough surface on which to incorporate gorgeous color and trendy designs while still being functional and practical enough for daily life. And the beautiful almond shape lends visual interest and elegance, regardless of the paint.
  • Short length, natural round or oval shape. The natural oval was the biggest runway trend for winter 2020. Whether you opt for vibrant colors like those found in OPI’s Mexico City Collection or a subtle neutral, short, oval nails always look good.
  • Stiletto nails. This look is as bold as the spiked heels it’s named for. Rock this length and shape, filed to a distinctly sharp point. Then use all the real estate it affords to crush the design.

Colors, Patterns and Embellishments

  • Glitter. With so many ways to use glitter in nails, this is a fun tool that can make your nails stand out. Used sparingly, glitter can add a touch of sophistication. (Check out Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal for a glittery gold tone.)
  • Animal Prints. The newest fun trends in animal print nails include tortoise shell and cow print. You can even incorporate a pop of bold color for added individuality.
  • French Manis, redux. The French manicure is a timeless classic. Update this look to contemporary and fun by reversing the tip down to the cuticle. Other options include using a pop of color for the tip or embolden it with a metallic tip.
  • 3D Embellishments. Whether you opt for rows of pearl accents or a subtle rhinestone, 3D embellishments are all the rage. Use these with natural colored nails to let the 3D take the spotlight.
  • Neon Lines. Using sheer polish with a bright pop of neon color streaking in a singular line across the nail is a great way to make a statement. Brighten your nails with this bold trend this Spring! (Shoutout to OPI’s canary yellow, “Don’t Tell a Sol,” for a bold neon take on a classic!)
  • Multi-colored Swirls. Pastels aren’t just for Easter anymore. Embrace this Spring look with fun colors and patterns. 

Nail Finishes

Ditch the glossy look and opt for a matte finish! Using a matte finish is an ultra-trendy and contemporary way to distinguish your look, regardless of color or length. It subtly lends itself to maintain professionalism while still being bold.

Setting the Trend

Mix and match these lengths, shapes, finishes, colors and prints all season long to know you’re rocking the latest trends. Ready to look and feel your best for Spring? Book your appointment at A Moment’s Peace online. Also, be sure to ask us about the latest collections from OPI, including Mexico City, Neon, and Always Bare for You.