Ladies, “summertime and the livin’ is easy” sounds just right, except when it comes to our hair. It’s natural to get bored with the same old style and routine, so that means we need to switch things up. Here are five hair styles for summer that are making the buzz with celebrities already in on the trends. This summer, hairstyles seem to feature a carefree texture with waves and curls or the opposite with sleekness and gel maintaining the shape.

1. The Lob

When it comes to classic, chic, and modern, the lob (long bob) is it, and every face shape is flattered by it. The versatile cut is super hot this season and usually hits right above the collarbone. “From the back, it should graze the nape of the neck right about the shoulders, and with this length, it can either fall in a square or a-line shape,” says stylist Nicole Pascual. The lob can be totally blunt as in the new style Kim Kardashian is showing off, or it can offer soft layers or edgy ends for volume. Demi Lovato has been sporting the textured lob since mid-March and winning rave reviews for it.

2. Gelled Locks

The wet look for tresses is another summer beauty essential that should make your life a lot easier. The basics are few; a comb and some mousse or gel to keep it all fab and in place. No part or middle or side-parted is up to you, and the amount of product is also your call. Designers like Carolina Herrera had her models’ manes slicked back, while Stella McCartney’s models walked the runway with just a touch of gel combed through for sleekness with bits of texture. Gigi Hadid, Kate Hudson, Alessandra Ambrosio and Julianne Hough are just a handful of ladies who’ve been photographed with hair slicked straight back and working the summer trends.

3. Bangin’ Bangs

Hairstyles that feature bangs are the hot ticket and offer versatility. Bangs allow you to look younger; they also “fill in” for sparse brows. Bangs allow your eyes to appear larger. Trends are showing fringe blunt cut across, angled, swept to the side, etc. Some bangs are even funkier with asymmetrical shaping; others were curled and swirled and some left with the wet look. Dakota Johnson, Kerry Washington, and Jessica Biel always look glam in bangs.

4. Perfect Plaiting

Another simple way to change things up in summer trends is through braiding. It’s a pretty bohemian style that looks modern and carefree. French braids, Dutch braids, and even small accent braids are a huge look that led the hairstyles fashion parade this season. You cannot go wrong with a little plaiting in do-it-yourself mode. For more intricate braids, you will need a pro or at least another set of hands to achieve the complexity.

5. 80’s Coifs

If you miss the volume and all that mane from the 1980s, don’t worry because it’s back. A teasing comb, root lotion, and hairspray will become your new BFFs. Bigger is better, and the curlier is king. Crimped tresses and major high ponytails are what’s in right now. Don’t be afraid to channel the volume because it’s all good, either with cleaner edges or messy and not so sleek.