Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dirt, oil and excess skin cells. This blockage causes white heads, black heads and pimples. The summertime tends to complicate these skin conditions as we produce more sweat, the humidity levels tend to be higher and our oil glands work overtime. So, how can we combat this and keep our skin healthy during the summer season? To remedy this, we must first understand what additional factors cause acne, daily changes we can make to fight it and MedSpa services A Moment’s Peace provides to effectively correct acne.

What Causes Acne?

In addition to humidity, heat, sweat and overworked oil glands, acne can be caused by a variety of factors.

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Refined Grains and Sugars
  • Dairy Products 
  • Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells
  • Stress
  • Fast Food
  • Lack of Sufficient Daily Amounts of Water
  • Bacteria Build Up in Your Pores
  • Genetics


Daily Changes to Help Fight Acne

If acne is due to genetics, hormonal imbalances or bacterial infections, it is time to seek a doctor for treatment. Doctors can provide recommendations for over the counter products to help with your specific skin type and can also provide prescriptions should you need something stronger. Paying extra attention to your daily summer routine can greatly impact your skin. You can do this by:

  • Paying attention to your diet. Recent studies have shown that there is a significant connection between diet and acne. Lower fat, lean protein, fewer simple carbs and more fruits & veggies will play a role in maintaining acne and your overall health.
  • HYDRATE! Drinking water promotores proper skin hydration. Dry skin can actually trigger excess oil production which can contribute to acne. 
  • Exfoliate. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells thus reducing a build up of them that clogs pores. It will help smooth and soften skin while reducing the amount of breakouts. Be careful not to over-exfoliate though as this can do additional harm. Exfoliate 1-3 times a week with a day or two break in between. About 5 circles in each area is sufficient for results to be seen. 
  • Handling stress is difficult and it shows on our skin. Having an outlet for you to release some stress will help take some of that weight of carrying it off of your skin. Try some kickboxing, painting, hiking, cooking, etc to help combat and channel the stresses of life.

MedSpa Services to Combat Acne

When your daily changes aren’t quite getting you to your skin goals, you can book a consultation with one of A Moment’s Peace skincare experts to design a service plan to help you achieve the health look you are seeking. Here are some of the services our experts might suggest for acne treatment.

Chemical Peels

A medical-grade Chemical Peel can be effective for reducing acne and acne scarring. It provides a controlled and predictable removal of surface skin cells, stimulating skin renewal to improve the appearance of your skin. It quickly exfoliates the skin, allowing dead skin cells to shed more effectively. 


Microneedling can help you get clearer skin that is free from acne or blackheads. When these micro-needles pierce the skin, they help remove the source of the recurring blackhead in the process, which makes pores visibly smaller. Microneedling also assists in reducing acne scars when these tiny needles prick your skin to create micro-wounds. These micro-wounds help our bodies to produce collagen which helps keep skin smooth and firm. 


Microdermabrasion is a treatment which removes most acne and minor scarring. The process of Microdermabrasion reduces oil buildup on the skin and unclogs pores by removing the topmost layer of skin by means of intense exfoliation. At the same time, a vacuum attachment suctions up debris, skin cells and additional waste. This process also stimulates collagen which helps to reduce the appearance of any scars. 

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

A Moment’s Peace signature treatment is for anyone with problematic or congested skin. A deep cleaning enzyme mask is applied to help soften impactions for easy removal. Anti-inflammatory ingredients will help to soothe problem skin.  

If you are interested in having one of our aestheticians evaluate your skin and develop a suggested treatment plan specific to you, go online or call A Moment’s Peace today to book your appointment.