Silver and gray hair – dyed and natural – has become a hair color trend over the last few years. There are many gray variations you can experiment with if you’re dying your hair, but that’s not the only way to sport the on-trend look. When once women might have been concerned about gray hairs showing, now, donning your naturally gray hair is in style.

For many, accepting and showcasing gray hair is empowering.

Women who are embracing their gray hair say it helps to boost their confidence as they break through the perceptions that have been classically negative concerning grey hair and showing your age. Part of this change in attitude is that many see the grey hair simply as a way to add texture and additional color to their hair.

Transitioning to your natural grays may not be as easy as just letting those greys grow in though, especially if you’ve been dying your hair previously. For some, you may need an intermediate color treatment to bring you back to your more natural hair color before you decide to start letting those greys grow out. Grey hair also doesn’t grow in as fast or as consistent as your other hair. It may be patchy. While some have chosen to dye their hair closer to the grey color, others have gone to their natural color and just dealt with how it grew out.

Whatever you decide is right for you and your hair, our stylists can help you to make the decision that works best for your natural hair and complementing your natural greys as they grow out.