1. We’re all about the curly, kinky look. 2019 is all about embracing your natural beauty!
  2. Do you like having your hair a natural dirty blonde? You might as well keep it because this trend is not going anywhere. You need to keep your roots dark. You can keep the length of your hair a natural golden blonde. The days of platinum blonde hair are gone. Beauty insiders are hinting that the dirty blonde trend will be here to stay for quite some time.
  3. The 80’s look is coming back, honey. Big and bouncy has been holding court in the fashion houses lately. The glossy and glamour girl look is now out. I will not go so far as to say that all of the 80’s hair looks are back, but many of them are. If you like the looks of the 80’s, then you will be on trend with many of the A-listers and fashion houses insiders.
  4. How many of you make fun of the granny chic scarf look? You might want to hold off on that. The granny look is in. Headscarves are back in vogue, and you need to get one.
  5. The wet look is staying but with a twist. The wet look used to be straight and stuck to your head. You need to leave it loose and set free. You will be giving your hair some texture that way.
  6. You might have heard that scrunchies are making their way back. The rumor is true. The fashion houses are mixing the 80’s and 90’s up in a new way. Do you still have your old scrunchies lying around? You might want to dig them up. The new look is about being understated, not retro.
  7. Do you remember how we got obsessed with dirty pastels and greys this past year? We’re now obsessed with silver hair. You might have seen pictures of Madonna’s 21-year old daughter sporting the silver hair. Her look is catching on. Everyone will be doing it next year. Super shiny silver hair with a metallic finish is in and the pastels are out.