With the holiday season comes family gatherings, special events, and lots of parties – which also means a lot of photo ops and selfies! None of us like to take a photo that will end up all over social media when we don’t look and feel our best. Whether you will be attending holiday events or hosting them, we want you to feel confident. Here is a list of services we believe will keep you feeling your most confident throughout the holiday season: 

Hair Therapy 

Our hairstyle can make us feel bold and confident or insecure and not quite ourselves. Make sure your hair is flawless all season long. Whether you pick a new hair color, hairstyle, or even simply a pampering of shampoo and blowout we want you to feel your absolute best for those family photos. 

Manicure & Pedicures 

Maintaining your nails to keep them looking healthy and festive can go a long way when it comes to your self-confidence. Nothing is worse than holding something in your hand while showing someone something just to see your untidy cuticles and nail surface looking dull. What about that open-toe winter boot you’ve been dying to wear? Don’t even think about it pre-pedicure. We will spoil you with a luxurious spa manicure and pedicure to keep your nails looking healthy and colorful so you can display your hands and toes with pride. 


Wintertime can be tough on our skin. The dry, cool air pulls moisture from our skin and this can lead to some serious problems from dry patchy skin to psoriasis flare-ups. If you want your skin glowing for the holiday season, come in for one of our many facial services. Our suggested facials? A classic European facial which is customized to your skin’s specific needs while cleansing and providing much-needed hydration. Another fabulous winter facial would be our Collagen facial. The Collagen facial is an intensely hydrating treatment that helps to smooth fine lines while improving the skin’s appearance and texture. 


The holiday season offers many reasons to pick up a little extra stress whether it be meal preparation, holiday shopping, endless parties or even just finding some time for a little “me time”. Help yourself prepare for the holiday stress by getting a massage before the season ramps up or even in the midst of your holiday checklist to help maintain stress levels. A massage provides so many immediate benefits such as reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, reduction of stress hormones, and just pure, much-needed relaxation. 

An additional way to feel great about yourself this holiday season is providing those closest to you with the gift of self-care. Allow that special someone to choose the way they want to relax or be pampered by giving them a gift certificate from A Moment’s Peace. You can purchase a gift certificate in-store or online.