Skincare Trends 2022

With each New Year, we can always anticipate new trends. From fashion to skincare there is always something new to discover. We have done the research for you and gathered a list of the top skincare trends 2022 you can expect to see. 

Beauty Bars

Beauty Bars will be making a big comeback in 2022. Why? With an eco-friendly and water preserving nature, you can get clean while doing your part to save the environment. Most beauty bars come in paper packaging instead of plastics which reduces massive amounts of plastic each year. Are beauty bars the same as soap bars? No. While they look similar and are both an effective way to fight germs and dirt they are not equal. Beauty bars do not strip away essential natural oils from your skin and are not as harsh as a bar of soap. Since it is more gentle, it does not over-cleanse your skin which results in your ability to maintain your natural moisture barrier. 

Plant-Based Ingredients 

We often don’t consider the immense amount of benefits that plants provide our skin. From antioxidant-rich plant-based skincare products that assist to restore, strengthen and protect our skin to naturally supporting cell repair and increasing collagen production resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles, plants are an unsung hero of the skincare world. 2022 will usher in more plant-based products to benefit your skin naturally.  

Scalp Care

Scalp care is skincare and few of us remember to include it in our routines. We condition and nourish our exposed skin but what about our skin hidden underneath all of that hair? Our scalp requires the same attention as the rest of our body, taking care of it helps to promote longer and healthier hair. There are various scalp scrubs on the market to assist in removing impurities and product buildup that are damaging to both your scalp and hair. 

Lip Service 

While our facial skincare routine might be intense, what are we really doing to take care of our lips? Did you know that our lips are also part of our skin? The difference is our skin is typically 16 layers thick while our lips are 3-5 layers thick. 2022 will usher in the idea that lip care is just as important as our regular skincare routines. Lip care is more than just lip balms though. We need to remove the dry, dead flakes and exfoliate just as we do every other part of our bodies. Choosing the right lip scrub for you will help with exfoliating your lips so that your lip balms will keep your lips hydrated the way they are designed to. 

Minimalist Skincare 

Skinimalism will be a trend word you should expect to see a lot of in 2022. Essentially, skinimalism is all about embracing your skin. It’s all about keeping your skincare routine simple and minimal. Many products are now being streamlined to offer many benefits instead of just one. For example, you might discover a cleanser that also assists in visibility, correcting uneven skin tone, and radiance-boosting face oil. 

Spa Days

Of course, a trend that will never go out of style are spa days. You will discover a treasure trove of skincare services that A Moment’s Peace offers to keep our community looking and feeling their best all 2022 long. From custom facials to MedSpa treatments, we promise to deliver you a high-quality experience that leaves your skin glowing and looking healthy each and every time. 

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