There is a difference between occupying the same space and being together. These last 11 months, there’s a good chance you’ve been occupying the same space with your loved one… but have you actually been together? Have you had enough intentional quality time in your relationship? Reconnect and rekindle this Valentine’s Day with these fun spa packages from A Moment’s Peace!

Start with a Couple’s Massage

Take time for yourselves this Valentine’s Day. Be together on purpose. Release the tension, relax the body and unwind the mind. Step away from dirty dishes and laundry to be folded. Leave your four walls and share mutual appreciation in the safe, clean and peace-filled space offered at A Moment’s Peace.

A couple’s massage is a great way to relax and unwind in a calm place with your loved one. As the stress and tension melts away from your muscles, your mind and heart begin to find peace, tranquility, joy and appreciation with the one you love. 

Don’t Forget the Pedicure

Winter can be hard on skin, especially feet. Pedicures are not just for sandal weather with pretty painted toes. In fact, pedicures aren’t just for women! Everyone can enjoy and benefit from the relaxation and TLC to treat your toes just right. And with the rough places made smooth, the soothing water and expert foot care, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this earlier.

Customize Your Valentine’s Date

You can customize this package to your heart’s content! Whether it’s adding snacks, drinks or a fully catered meal, finding that dream hotel room for afterwards, whisking you away in a limousine or providing you with a perfect gift bag filled with take-home products, we can make this a Valentine’s Date you’ll both remember! If you have an idea or need help, even if the suggestion isn’t listed on the site, contact our Gift Concierge to build the spa date night of your dreams.

Appreciate the Gentleman

If you are looking, instead, to pamper the hardworking man in your life, consider the Gentleman’s Day of Peace as your gift of appreciation this Valentine’s Day. Giving him tranquil and peaceful alone time may be just the thing he needs to rejuvenate and unwind. This incredible package will relax him with a European facial specifically designed for a man’s skin, followed by a Swedish massage. After enjoying a gourmet lunch, his day of relaxation will wrap up with hand and foot treatments customized to repair and moisturize the skin.

Appreciate the Lady

She does so much and works tirelessly. Show her your love and devotion for who she is and all she does with the Queen for a Day package. The ever-elusive alone time begins with a body wrap and facial to reveal her natural glow and beauty. A gourmet lunch is followed by a cathartic massage. Finally, a deluxe manicure and pedicure will have her feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful from head to toe.

Reconnect With Each Other

Reconnect with your sweetheart with an amazing date night or a relaxing spa package dedicated just to them. A Moment’s Peace can help. Rejuvenate, feel beautiful and loved, and share your appreciation for all your loved one does and who they are this Valentine’s Day. Call 615-224-0770 with questions, to plan your romantic and relaxing rendezvous, or to pamper your loved one with an incredible spa package.