Playing with and exploring hair colors is one of the most fun aspects of having hair! Whether it’s long and luscious or short and sweet, there’s always something different you can try. Some try to ward off Father Time, covering grays in order to maintain their natural colors. Others love staying trendy, whatever the most fashion-forward colors are! Still others enjoy changing colors or tones with the seasons, often landing on a color that suits them, even if it’s not their natural color.

At A Moment’s Peace, we have stylists who will listen to your preferences and are always up-to-date on the latest looks. They’ll be happy to do a color consultation and help you find the right fit.

Hair Dye With Schwarzkopf

Once you’ve decided on a look, our stylists will use salon-quality, professional color from trusted providers like Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf is a global presence that shares our passion for and commitment to meeting the expectations of our shared customer. With more than 100 years of experience, Schwarzkopf is constantly striving and producing innovative colors, processes, products and applications to keep hair healthy, beautiful and current.

One of the keys to hair color is often bleaching or stripping the natural color. Using our stylists may provide a more even result and be gentler, preventing “frying” your hair. So whether you’re looking for a mermaid look with lots of pastels and fun summer shades, going for a sunkissed ombre, covering your grays or trying out a new fantastic shade, make sure you get the look you meant to.

Hair Color Care

You’ve gotten that phenomenal new color! How do you keep it? With a few simple tricks, you can maintain the vibrancy and brilliance of your look.

  • Limit Your Washing. If you want the color to last, only wash it a couple of times a week. I know, not what your momma taught you! But trust me, healthy hair (colored or natural) thrives on reducing the harshness of washing.
  • Cool it Down. Instead of the steaming hot shower, drop the temp a little while you wash. Use warm (not hot) water to wash, then rinse with cooler water to  seal in moisture and reduce fading.
  • Wait. Give your hair 3-4 days after coloring before you wash it. When hair is first colored, the outer layer is opened to allow penetration. Waiting a few days gives the cuticles adequate time to close and lock in that color. Washing too soon could let all that gorgeous color run down the drain.
  • Use Color-Safe Products. Find products that are sulfate-free and specially formulated for color-treated hair. Your stylist at A Moment’s Peace can make recommendations.
  • Dry Shampoo. If the thought of waiting and washing less often gives you the willies, don’t fret! Dry shampoo is a great alternative on the no-wash days to keep your hair looking refreshed and bouncy.

Have questions? Talk to your stylist at A Moment’s Peace to learn more!